FBI Kids Crime Prevention: Abduction

This web page, part of the FBI's Missing and Exploited Children's Program under the Missing Children's Assistance Act, includes a section that addresses the psychological impact of abduction on the child and family.

National Organization of Parents of Murdered Children

Organization that provides the "on-going emotional support needed to help parents and other survivors" of murdered children in numerous ways including the following: 1) helps survivors deal with their acute grief; 2) helps survivors deal with the criminal justice system; 3) links survivors with others in the same area who have dealt with the murder of a loved one; 4) provides individual assistance, support and advocacy; 5) helps parents or members of the victim's immediate family form a chapter of POMC in their community; 6) provides training to professionals in fields including mental health and social work learn more about survivors of homicide victims.

Survivors of Homicide

A national advocacy and support group for those who have lost family members and loved ones to homicide.

Online blogging for cold case victims